September 24th, 2013
The presentation will be an interactive session on presentation techniques ranging from the basics (don't mumble, face the audience, don't read the slides), to PowerPoint tips,  to talk organization.  These techniques are of use in any presentation, but the emphasis will be on fund raising (investor) presentations.
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Ken Berkun is the founder and President of Labels That TalkTM (LTT).  LTT is an R&D company that his developed patented technology for printing audio on paper – SoundpaperTM.  Soundpaper embeds audio directly on to paper – imagine talking photographs, talking books and talking prescription labels.  LTT is has working prototypes and is in the process of bringing the final product to market.  Rather than being a manufacture and developing its own distribution channels, LTT licenses its technology to companies in vertical niches with existing distribution channels in place. 

Ken has extensive background in high tech companies, both as an individual contributor and in management.  Most recently, he was a co-Founder of Singingfish, the world’s first audio/video search engine (now owned by AOL).  Ken was responsible for Singingfish’s business plan and strategy.  In addition to roles such as VP of Marketing and VP of Strategic Planning, he was VP of Content, responsible for the quality of the Singingfish Streambase and he managed their Content Team.  Prior to Singingfish, Ken was at Equator Technologies, developer of a media processor, and before that, he was with Digital Equipment in various technical and marketing roles over more than a dozen years.  
*A Hawaii Inventors Association Presentation* 
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