INNOVATE Hawaii and HTDC presents
Intro to Design Thinking Workshop @ MIC
May 23, 2013
Design thinking is a process to help you understand your customer in a deep and meaningful way. This understanding helps to ensure that the product or service you design is desirable and fits well within the context of your customer’s life. Design thinking promotes creative confidence and innovation while fostering a mindset of being human-centered and action-oriented. We will teach the five-step process built by the Stanford University Design School (, and IDEO.
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Empathizing and Defining


Finished Products!  
About the Speaker:
Cindy Matsuki has taught the design thinking process to over 500 teachers, students, education administrators and professionals as well as helping to facilitate the process with companies, organizations and public schools. She is a certified Design Thinking coach and coached at a three-day workshop led by a Stanford team.
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