*People show support for the $20M Hi-Growth Initiative at Entrepreneur's Day presented by DBEDT, HTDC and HSDC. 


Hi-Growth Initiative

This year HI Growth Entrepreneurs’ Day was held on March 5th, 2014. 
Starting in 2013, HTDC’s legislative priority was supporting the HI-Growth Initiative.  The initiative, signed into law by Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui via Act 274, SLH 2013 provides $20 million of investment capital for HSDC to establish critical building blocks necessary in an innovation ecosystem.
The HI-Growth Initiative represents a significant resource for the Hawaii tech sector and
focuses on mobilizing and attracting entrepreneurial talent and private capital to Hawaii's high-growth business opportunities.


The three main objectives of the HI Growth Initiative are to:
1) Support the establishment of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will provide mentoring, collaboration, and funding opportunities for Hawaii entrepreneurs to establish and scale their business ventures;
2) Actively partner research commercialization activities with state and private-industry programs to establish high-growth businesses; and
3) Network Hawaii's high-growth businesses into the broader universe of mainland and international investment funds active in the sectors important to Hawaii.
HI Growth has already resulted in a spike of entrepreneurial events, activities, and opportunities.  HTDC continues to coordinate and maximize these new assets by facilitating new partnerships, marketing to our network of stakeholders, and integrating with industry and academia. 



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