Hawaii Small Business Innovation Research (HSBIR)
 Grant Program

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General Information About the Grant
Federal departments and agencies award Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants to help small businesses develop new technologies and innovations of critical need to our nation. The Hawaii SBIR/STTR Matching Grant program is for Hawaii companies who have won a Federal Phase I, II or III SBIR/STTR award. Our Phase 0 grant offers up to $3,000 to assist FIRST TIME Phase I applicants with grant writing services. Hawaii companies may apply online during open solicitation within each fiscal year (July-June).

Funds Available
Phase 0: up to $3,000 for grant writing services
Phase I:  up to 50% of the Federal Phase I award
Phase II:  up to $500,000
Phase III:  up to $500,000
Application Review Process
Stage 1
Applications will be reviewed for all documents required in the online application which include:
1.  Hawaii Certificate of Vendor Compliance from Hawaii Compliance Express (vendors.ehawaii.gov/hce/splash/welcome.html)
2.  Letterhead, blank/voided invoice, or similar which includes Federal ID Number and Remittance Address.
3.  Federal award letter for Phase I, II, and III grants. Phase I application and Proof of Submission for Phase 0 grants.
4.  Signed certification page.
Stage 2
Applicants will be reviewed by an Ad Hoc Committee.  Phase I, II and III applicants will present in PowerPoint format to the Ad Hoc committee.  This review will be to assist applicants with their presentations to the final review committee.
Stage 3
Phase I, II, and III applicants will present their PowerPoint presentations in final form to the HTDC Federal Projects Committee.  The Committee will recommend to the full HTDC Board of Directors award amounts for approval.


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