Manufacturing Assistance Program (MAP)

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General Information About the Grant

$1,000,000 in state funding has been appropriated to the High Technology Development Corporation to operate and administer the manufacturing development program for fiscal year 2017. The Hawaii Manufacturing Assistance Program offers up to a 20% reimbursement, not to exceed $100,000 on qualified expenses related to manufacturing to foster economic and employment growth in the state. Qualifiying expenses include: equipment purchases, training, energy efficiency projects, and manufacturing feasibility studies. In order to apply a company must be in a line of business categorized as Manufacturing as defined by the federal North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). This includes lines of business with NAICS codes beginning with 31, 32, and 33.
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What You Need to Know

1. Be Registered to Do Business in Hawaii and supply a Certificate of Good Standing. (If you are NOT registered, please go to: for more details).
2. Supply a Hawaii State Tax Clearance form. (Please go to: for more details.)
3. Submit a blank invoice or letterhead showing your Federal Tax ID Number (OR Social Security Number) and your Business Name and Address. (In order for us to issue payment for awards, we'll use this to setup a vendor account for you in our billing system.)
* To avoid delays in processing your application, we strongly recommend submitting a Certificate of Compliance via Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) which would fulfill the first two requirements listed above. (Please go to: for more details.)

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