Manufacturing Assistance Program (MAP)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the MAP Grant?
The purpose of the Hawaii Manufacturing Assistance Program (also refered to as the Manufacturing Development Program) is to provide grants to businesses in Hawaii that are manufacturers in the State and require assistance for specific activities related to manufacturing that shall result in economic and employment growth in Hawaii.
How are award funding amounts determined?
In determining the distribution of funds, the HTDC shall be guided by the nature and economic significance of the activity of each grant application, the importance of the grant to the activity's success, and the potential economic advantage and/or job creation prospects offered to the State.
Where can I find the adminstrative rules for the MAP grant program?
The Hawaii Administrative Rules for the Hawaii MAP (Manufacturing Development) Program can be found here:
What constitutes eligibility?

Eligible companies must be registered as a Hawaii Business and obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Hawaii Business Registration Division. Companies must also obtain an approved Tax Clearance (form A-6) from the Hawaii State Tax office.
To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, visit the following website:
To obtain Tax Clearance complete the following A-6 form and mail to the address on the form: . Only valid and approved forms will be accepted.
Alternatively, both of the above requirements can be met by applying for Hawaii Compliance Express certification at this website:
In addition, the company's line of business must be categorized as manufacturing as defined by the Federal North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Line of business codes must begin with 31, 32, or 33. To lookup your company’s line of business code visit this website: Search for keywords related to your business to find your NAICS code. For instance searching for "bakery" you would find codes related to bakeries such as:
311812  Soft pretzels made in a commercial bakery
311812  Bakery products, fresh (i.e., bread, cakes, doughnuts, pastries), made in commercial bakeries
311813  Desserts, frozen bakery, manufacturing
311813  Crullers, frozen, made in a commercial bakery
311821  Bakery products, dry (e.g., biscuits, cookies, crackers), manufacturing
You will also be required to provide a Dun & Bradstreet number prior to receiving any grant funds. If you do not have a Dun & Bradstreet number or are unsure, email us at and we can assist you.

When does the grant period open and when does it close?
Applications are now closed. Please stay tuned for new submissions to be accepted after July 1, 2017. Sign up for MAP Grant updates here:
The application is not letting me upload more documents / files are too large to upload. How can I get these to you?
There is a 4 MB individual file size limit. There is no limit on the NUMBER of documents. If you would like to add more documents to your application please send an email request to and we will send you a link to your application so you can add additional documents.
What is an appropriate size grant request?
The minimum grant request is $1,500 and the maximum is $100,000.
Can we submit more than one grant request?

Only one grant request per company per year is allowed. However, you may apply for multiple items on one grant. For instance multiple pieces of equipment or BOTH equipment AND training.
What qualifies for MAP assistance?

Eligible expenses include manufacturing equipment, training on the use of manufacturing equipment, energy efficiency equipment, and feasibility studies for implementing new manufacturing facilities. "Manufacturing equipment” means equipment integral to the manufacturing process. This does not include product components such as bottles, labels, boxes, ingredients etc., and it does not include consumables such as gas, oil, lubricants, drill bits, blades, or other tooling.
Where do I send the grant request application and materials?
The entire application is completed online. All supporting documents should be uploaded with the application. The link to the online forms can be found here:
My submission may contain confidential information. Who will be viewing my information and will it be kept confidential?
Financial information and all other confidential company-related information submitted should be marked “CONFIDENTIAL” and is only viewed by the Manufacturing Grant Review Committee and select HTDC staff in order to prepare the information for Review Committee meetings. Names of grantee, amounts of grants applied for and amounts of grants awarded will be posted on the Hawaii State Procurement Office website, as well as shared in report format to the legislature and other interested parties. This information is considered public.
What happens after the funding is received? What will be expected/required from the applicant and what is HTDC Innovate Hawaii's role at that time?
By accepting a MAP award, grantees agree to complete the HTDC Annual Economic Impact Survey and Innovate Hawaii NIST/MEP Survey for a period of five years from date of award. The grantee must also agree to keep the purchases made under the grant in the State for a minimum of two years. Innovate Hawaii may request further information about the success of grant funded projects in order to create success stories for marketing the company's success and the success of the grant program. Innovate Hawaii is also available to assist companies with services beyond the grant project.
Is the MAP Grant exempt from Hawaii State General Excise Tax (GET)?
Yes, as the MAP Grant falls under HRS 206M-15, it is considered exempt from GET. (  - see HRS 237 General Excise Tax Law 237-24.7(10))
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