2018 Legislative Session

2018 HTDC Bills To Watch

Legislative Calendar Deadlines (credit: Tax Foundation of Hawaii)


Updated: 2018-4-10

HB583Appropriates funds for HTDC FY19 administrative and operational costsHD1
HB1900State budgetHD1 SD1
HB1958Authorizes HTDC to issue grants to phase III federal grant awardees of up to fifty percent of the amount of the award or contract funded by the private sector or government sources outside of the program.HD1 SD1
Appropriates funds for the HTDC's manufacturing grant program.HD2 SD1
HB2084Appropriates funds for the HTDC to continue providing support to innovative small businesses on the neighbor islands.HD1 SD1
HB2080Appropriates funds for grants to participants in software application challenges so that the proofs of concept created during the challenges can be developed into prototypes suitable for local and state government.HD1 SD1
Authorizes HTDC to provide grants to certain business conducting research and development of alternative energy projects.HD2 SD1
Establishes the research and development program in the HTDC to help Hawaii-based small businesses collaborate with commercial partners to further refine and optimize research and development performed in Hawaii. HD1 SD2
SB48Creates the Hawaii Innovation and Technology Research Corporation and transfers the rights, powers, functions, duties, and employees of the HTDC and the HSDC to the Hawaii Innovation and Technology Research Corporation.SD3 HD2
HB2041Appropriates funds for DBEDT to establish an aquaculture incubator at the NELHA to bring together entrepreneurs and investors to develop Hawaii's aquaculture industryHD2 SD2
HB1962Requires the DBEDT to conduct an economic development study on automated manufacturing opportunities in Hawaii.HD1 SD2
SB2705Establishes the Office of Public-Private Partnership and the position of State Office of Public-Private Partnership Coordinator. Adds public-private partnership project delivery methods to the Procurement Code and related conditions and requirementsSD2 HD2
HB2460Authorizes the establishment of a Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) microgrid demonstration project for the generation, storage, and distribution of renewable energy on property controlled by NELHAHD2
HB2557Appropriates moneys to the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism to support the internship and economic development programs of the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration SystemsHD1 SD1
HB1971Authorizes the issuance of SPRB to assist Kunoa Cattle Company, LLC, to fund the construction of a multi-species livestock farm, expansion of the slaughter and processing infrastructure, development of distribution assets and agritourism services, and expanding renewable energy assetsHD2 SD1
HB2607Requires the Department of Education (DOE) to develop and implement a statewide computer science curricula plan for public school students in K-12 and ensure each public high school offers at least one computer science course each school year. Authorizes DOE to contract for computer science teacher development programs. HD1 SD2


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