2021 Legislative Session

2021 HTDC Bills To Watch

Legislative Calendar Deadlines (credit: Hawaii State Legislature)



HB1299Repeals various non-general funds of the department of agriculture; department of business, economic development, and tourism;...HD1, SD1
HB683Establishes the sustainable aviation fuel program to provide matching grants to any small business in Hawaii that is developing products related to sustainable aviation fuel or commercial aviation operations greenhouse gas reduction.HD2, SD1
SB579Authorizes the issuance of special purpose revenue bonds to assist the House of Aloha Enterprises LLC, with planning, designing, constructing, and equipping facilities for the manufacturing and processing of certain products.SD1, HD1
HB56Requires the senate president and house speaker to be notified in writing upon the receipt of any federal-aid moneys for expenditure by the State within ten days following receipt.
HB200Appropriates funds for the operating and capital improvement budget of the Executive Branch for fiscal years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023HD1, SD1
SB263Transfers oversight of the "Made-in-Hawaii" program as it relates to manufactured products to the department of business, economic development, and tourism. Places the "Grown in Hawaii with Aloha" program under the management of the department of agriculture...SD2, HD1
HB1170Establishes the state venture capital program that provides venture capital investments in early stage small businesses in the State. Effective 7/1/2050.HD1
SB935Establishes the Office of Aerospace Development in the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation instead of the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism. Repeals the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems. Transfers the rights, powers, functions, and duties of the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems to the Office of Aerospace Development.SD2, HD1
SB1421Creates a task force with the University of Hawaii and the department of business, economic development, and tourism that explores how dual use technology can be used to promote economic recovery and diversify the state's economy. Makes appropriation.SD2, HD1
HB1191Establishes the broadband infrastructure grant program to award grants to applicants to extend deployment of infrastructure used to provide broadband service to unserved areas of the State. Amends the Hawaii technology loan revolving fund to change it to the Hawaii broadband infrastructure fund, including the types of funds deposited into the fund. Authorizes the issuance of general obligation bonds for the broadband infrastructure grant program.HD2, SD2
HB59Repeals, abolishes, or reclassifies various non-general funds of the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism.HD1
SB242Requires public and charter schools to offer education in computer science. Requires annual reports.SD2, HD1
HB1273Requires the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism to make a public disclosure identifying the names of the taxpayers who are receiving certain tax credits and the total amount of tax credit received for specific economic activities.HD1
SB158Prohibits certain state officials and employees from representing certain interests regarding any state administrative or legislative action for 12 months after termination from their respective positions.
SB1034Expands board and public participation by giving boards the option, in conjunction with in-person meetings, to use interactive conference technology to remotely conduct public meetings under the Sunshine Law, even when no emergency has been declared by government authorities. Authorizes boards to exclude the public from nonpublic locations, such as homes, where board members are physically present when remote board meetings are held by interactive conference technology, with members of the public given the option to participate either remotely or at an in-person public location. Establishes requirements for the conduct of remote meetings.
SB65Allows direct shipment of all forms of liquor, rather than just wine, by certain licensees. Requires the county liquor commissions to adopt rules and regulations.SD1, HD1
SB973Amends the Money Transmitters Act. Changes the chapter and short title to Monetary Transmitters Modernization Act. Incorporates definitions of key terms provided in the Model Money Services Business Law published by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors. Adds supporting documentation to be submitted by a license applicant...SD1, HD2
HR94Requesting the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs to reconsider its 2016 ruling on asset reserve requirements for virtual currency companies and cryptocurrency companies to conduct business in Hawaii and to align the State's asset reserve requirements for these companies with the asset reserve requirements in other states.HD1
HB1298Transfers to the general fund the unencumbered balances of various non-general funds of the department of accounting and general services; department of agriculture; department of budget and finance; department of business, economic development, and tourism;...HD1, SD1
SR72Requesting the Office of Enterprise Technology Services to conduct a study on the potential benefits and value of blockchain technology to state government administration and affairs.
SR64Requesting the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation and Leeward Community College to study the feasibility of establishing technology academy programs and Aiea High School and Pearl City High School.
SCR56Requesting the Governor to convene and participate in the Hawaii circular economy task force that supports Hawaii's transition toward a circular economy by 2035. SD1, HD1