Net Zero Energy F-22 System Maintenance Hangar

Advancing Energy Controls and Resiliency for Air Force Infrastructure

About Net Zero Energy F-22 System Maintenance Hangar

The Net Zero Energy F-22 System Maintenance Hangar is a three part project showcasing energy efficiency retrofit, solar energy generation and advanced technology energy storage to yield a net zero facility at the Hawaii National Guard’s 154th Wing’s F-22 Fuel System Maintenance Hangar.


Energy Generation Showcase of Ground Mounted Solar PV Array
• Solar PV Array
• DC rated output : 136.92kW
• AC rated output: 60.00kW
• Comprised of two different arrangements of the same module type
• Dual Axis Tracking PV array: 12 SunPower modules – 2.94kW (245W each)
• Fix mount PV array: 308 SunPower modules (345W each)– 133.98kW
• Two Ideal Power inverters (30kW each)
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) showcase of HiVE, lithium iron BESS technology
• Energy Capacity: .25MWh (250kWh)
• Lithium iron phosphate battery technology and battery management and supervisory control systems
• Custom built (made with prefabricated concrete) vault
• BESS & PV site is fenced and graveled to meet HIANG requirements for site condition
Energy Efficiency Retrofit Hanger
• Energy Efficiency Measure for Bldg 3407
• LED lighting and advanced controls installation
• Variable Air Volume (VAV) System
• Solar Water Heating