HTDC Chief Operating Officer

By Hawaii April 26, 2018


How to Apply

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Title:  HTDC Chief Operating Officer

Department:  Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT)

Division:  Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC)

Geographic Location:  Manoa, Oahu



The HTDC is an agency of the State of Hawaii established in 1983 in accordance with Section 206M, HRS, and is attached to DBEDT for administrative purposes.  As a lead State agency in high technology research, development, demonstration, and management of incubation facilities, HTDC provides a broad array of technology industry programs and services to facilitate the growth and development of a commercial high technology industry in Hawaii.

This position works directly with the Executive Director & CEO (hereafter referred to as Executive Director) providing financial management and programmatic strategies and oversight, and contributes to the development of the organization’s strategic goals.  The COO is primarily responsible for managing the day-to-day operational activities of the corporation, fiscal management and supervising agency staff as directed by the Executive Director.  The focus of this position is on strategic, and tactical, operations management.  This position is responsible for designing, and implementing new or improved systems and policies and procedures for operational efficiency.




Chief Operating Officer Responsibilities   

  1. Advise the Executive Director on financial planning, budgeting, cash flow, procurement and policy matters.
  1. Assists Executive Director with strategic planning, programming, and implementation of strategic and operational plans.
  1. Oversees human resources support provided to DBEDT HR.
  1. Maintains continuous lines of communication, keeping the Executive Director informed of all critical issues. Manages internal communications. Provides knowledge and information to staff on organizational matters such as policies, legislative initiatives, new projects, and strategic programming.
  1. Work directly with Executive Director to develop and execute legislative agenda, meeting with legislators and other policy makers to support the initiatives of the organization.
  1. Represent the organization externally, as necessary, particularly in financial and lease negotiations.
  1. Work closely with county, State, and federal officials and staff for the purpose of establishing and maintaining effective working relationships and achieving program objectives.
  1. Participates in activities to promote HTDC and expand services, and provides technical assistance in conducting of conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  2. Serves as the management liaison to the board and audit committee; effectively communicate and present critical financial matters at select board of directors and committee meetings.
  1. Represents HTDC Executive Director at meetings and functions, during the Executive Director’s absence or as directed by the Executive Director.


Supervisory Responsibilities         

  1. Directs and supervises administrative staff. Oversees federally funded program managers such as INNOVATE Hawaii & the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies (HCATT).  Directs and supervises additional HTDC staff as assigned by the Executive Director.
  1. Works directly with Contractors who are involved in the development and construction of tech parks. Ensures work is being conducted in accordance with the contracts and follows HTDC statutes.  Works with contractors to solve issues related to the contract.
  1. Evaluates and monitors staff performance and development goals, assign accountabilities, set objectives, establish priorities, conduct annual performance appraisals, and administer salary adjustments. Additionally assists the Executive Director with rating job performances to meet State requirements and to improve performance.
  1. Reviews qualifications of and interviews applicants for vacant positions and recommends the selection of the most qualified person(s) for appointment.


Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Manages the budget for all HTDC programs activities. Provides financial oversight on expenditures and ensures purchases and procedures follow state procurement rules.
  1. Provides general guidance to HTDC staff on complying with the state administrative requirements.
  1. Ensures the distribution of HSBIR grants to the awarded companies within HTDC’s budgetary timeline.


Federal Funding Procurement              

  1. Identifies and recommends new federal opportunities and resources to pursue in support of the overall HTDC mission and goals.  Coordinates the program application submission, manages and/or oversees the administration and reporting requirements of select HTDC federal programs.
  1. Works with appropriate managers in preparing budgets, program justifications, and contract scope of works in support of Federal Programs.


Performs other duties as assigned.



Position No.                Title:

116613                        HTDC-MEP Center Director

116874                        HCATT Manager

101971                        HTDC Executive Secretary

103187                        HTDC Accountant

102508                        HTDC MIC Incubation Program Assistant

106282                        HTDC Database Mgmt Administrator




A.        Supervisor: HTDC Executive Director & CEO


B.        Nature of Supervisory Control Exercised Over the Work

1. Instructions Provided

Instructions are limited to general guidance and direction to specific priorities and the results expected.  The employee plans and carries out the necessary work activities independently.

2. Assistance Provided

Supervision received is nominal, consultative, and limited.  Under broad and extensive guidelines, the employee exercises wide discretion and judgment in carrying out the activities and functions of the HTDC.  The employee takes care of all aspects of the work independently, but informs the Executive Director when unforeseen events or circumstances require significant changes, such as changing priorities, policies, etc.

3. Review of Work

The employee has authority to make commitments, limited only by HRS, State administrative policies, and orders of the Executive Director.  The Executive Director reviews issues that the employee indicates are exceptional, such as when a proposed action will involve establishing a new precedent, policy, or direction for HTDC.


C.        Nature of Available Guidelines Controlling the Work

1. Policy and Procedural Guidelines Available

Guidelines include a broad range of legal standards and requirements, and State and federal government laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and objectives.

2. Use of Guidelines

Procedural guidelines may cover certain technical aspects of the work.  The employee must know and apply such guidelines.








 A.        Knowledge

Knowledge of Hawaii state government and the legislative process.   Knowledge and experience in government agency operations, procurement and state employment.  Knowledge of organizational policies, procedures, systems and objectives.  Knowledge of fiscal management and human resource management techniques. Knowledge of governmental regulations and compliance requirements.  Knowledge of the technology industry, technology based businesses and the entrepreneur ecosystem; project analysis and management; and general knowledge of technology trends and its implications for the State. Knowledge of computer systems and applications. Knowledge in federally grant programs such as U.S. Economic Development Administration grants, USDA Rural Development grants is a plus.


B.        Skills/Abilities

Ability to interpret financial reports and develop financial strategies and goals.  Skilled in working with state government and the legislative process. Skill in identifying and resolving problems.  Excellent leadership skills with demonstrated ability to effectively lead in a changing environment.  Ability to negotiate and implement high level projects with industry and government stakeholders as directed by the Executive Director; skill in motivate and mobilize teams to reach consensus, prioritize workload and meet deadlines; represent the program publicly to a variety of audiences; excellent written and verbal communication skills appropriate for a technology business audience. Excellent and effective written and verbal communication skills.


C.        Education

MBA or master’s degree in business administration, economics, finance or related field, preferred.  Bachelor’s degree with advanced experience in organizational management will be considered.  The Executive Director will consider a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills are acquired, subject to review and acceptance.


D.        Experience

1. Experience working in state government, particularly Hawaii is a plus. Ability to have State procurement signature authorization, preferred.

2. Five (5) years operational management or experience that demonstrates the ability to perform a high level of administrative responsibilities in service functions such as budget, fiscal, personnel, organization and management analyses, and research.

3. Five (5) years of supervisory experience.




Proficiency with personal computer and peripheral equipment/software, calculator, copying machine, fax machine and other related office machines, equipment and tools.


How to Apply

Submit a cover letter and resume in PDF format to