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Position Number: 00102698
Department: Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT)
Division: High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC)
Branch: Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies (HCATT)
Section: —
Unit: —
Geographic Location: Honolulu, Downtown

HCATT was established in 1993 by the Air Force and the State of Hawaii as a National Demonstration Center to demonstrate and validate the latest fuel efficient and environmentally compliant technologies for use in Air Force ground vehicle fleets, support equipment, base infrastructure, and basic expeditionary airfield resource. HCATT is a pioneer of hydrogen and fuel
cell technologies in Hawaii and has evolved over 20 years of hydrogen and fuel cells R&D for both military and commercial applications in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory and the State of Hawaii. HCATT aims to inspire and transform Hawaii’s clean energy future by innovating solutions to meet the State’s 2045 Renewable Portfolio Standard. HCATT’s work focuses on hydrogen and fuel cell applications to influence Hawaii to be leaders in hydrogen technology. HCATT is a program under the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) and this position is assigned to the State’s Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT).

This position supports HCATT’s operations and administration and works closely with the administrative and fiscal offices of the DBEDT. HCATT is seeking a skilled Operations Specialist to join our dynamic team. This position is primarily responsible for performing a variety of clerical work and optimizing day-to-day operations. You will assist with general accounting and budgetary duties and reporting activities and provide support in the areas of fiscal, procurement, administration and general office support. As an Operations Specialist, you are at the heart of our team’s operations and activities and the soul that keeps the team moving forward. You anticipate the needs of your managers and team members
and help them stay focused on their projects by resolving issues before they arise. We are seeking someone who is enthusiastic, organized and dependable who is driven by our shared organization’s vision and mission pertaining to hydrogen technologies for the U.S. Air Force and State of Hawaii. The ideal applicant should have experience in a technology office setting and a background in a technology or business field.


A. Fiscal and Budget Management (25%)
1. Establish and maintain an accounting system to parallel information in the State’s accounting system. Prepare reports to meet the needs of projects and programs and generate financial information on the cash and accrual basis as needed. Provide information to project managers to assist with monitoring expenditures and cost share contributions

2. Oversee and review information inputted in the State’s accounting system. Prepare journal vouchers to correct erroneous entries, reclassify expense and closing entries to the appropriate funding source in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles. Advise staff, as needed, of the appropriate object code to use for expenditure(s)

3. Create and maintain accounting worksheets/reports from information from the State’s accounting system to meet the needs of projects and programs, federal monitoring and reporting requirements, and for reporting to the Legislature and other departments

4. Monitor cash accounts designated by fiscal years for federal projects to assure funds are available to pay contract invoices encumbered in a specific fiscal year

5. Keep abreast of State requirements relating to account payable procedures, maintain documentation of changes, and train staff as needed

6. Prepare budget schedules and forms for the annual Legislative session. Assist as needed during the Legislative session in responding to inquiries and request on budget related bills

B. Accounts Payable (25%)
1. Reviews and verifies all purchase requests and claims and supporting documents, ensures that all requests and claims are properly authorized, and generates purchase orders

2. Review and process invoices, statements and claims for payment and prepares appropriate forms for payment. Verifies with requestor that goods or services are acceptable for payment and coordinates problem resolution with vendors and requestors when necessary

3. Input financial information into the State accounting system. Entries include purchase orders, liquidating purchase orders and contract balances, and payment of invoices

4. Track the status of each purchase order and prepares report of outstanding purchase orders to project managers and director as needed

5. Monitor status of invoices, payments and financial transactions in State & Federal Systems. Coordinate with DBEDT & HTDC’s fiscal staffs in expediting vendor and contractor payments

6. Process contract disbursements. Review and process invoices and statements for payment of contracts. Maintain contract files to monitor payments and status of payments on contracts. Works with projects managers to obtain contract information required by Fiscal Office of DBEDT and DAGS, and provides support and assistance in facilitating contract payments

C. Administrative (25%)
1. Perform administrative duties such as manage calendars and staff appointments, organize travel arrangements, schedule facilities and equipment, take accurate minutes of meetings, etc.

2. Handle essential office tasks, such as maintain computer and manual filing systems, generate reports, receive, sort and distribute the mail, screen phone calls, maintain supplies inventory and re-order supplies when necessary, greet and assist visitors to the office, coordinate office procedures, handle information in a confidential manner, respond to email, telephone or face-to-face inquiries etc.

3. Maintain suspense file of pending matters and remind HCATT Manager and staff of action items and deadlines

4. Maintains awareness of state and federal rules, regulations, policies, special proclamations by Governor or state agencies pertaining to the administration of HCATT

5. Maintains awareness of Bills, testimony and related background information relevant to HCATT and monitors Legislative hearing calendar during Legislative session

6. Respond to inquiries from various external agencies or organizations and the general public

D. General Office Support (15%)
1. Assist with maintaining the equipment inventory for HCATT projects and program by ensuring all equipment items are properly tagged and accounted, reconciling the State equipment list with internal records, and conducting periodic physical inventory to ensure the accuracy of the inventory.

2. Plan and coordinate HCATT initiatives and events

3. Develop and disseminate HCATT updates, event announcements, and other external-facing communications

4. Assist with social media communication and strategy in coordination with HCATT Director and Project Manager

5. Assist with planning, organizing, and implementing education outreach activities in coordination with HCATT Director and Project Manager

6. Pro-actively identify opportunities to promote HCATT objectives and projects to targeted media outlets

E. Operations Support (10%)
1. Cooperate with different cross-functional teams to improve business operations

2. Work across a matrixed organization consisting of multiple areas of functional expertise to synchronize efforts and create efficiencies

3. Identify metrics to improve processes and technology efficiency, including areas where automation can apply

4. Provide support on special initiatives and development projects

5. Provide basic IT and technological support when needed

6. Identify and pursue areas of improvement and technology efficiency”, “areas where automation can be applied”

7. Other duties as assigned


A. Nature of Supervisory Control Exercised Over the Work
1. Instructions Provided
The Operations Specialist receives general supervision from the Director and Project Manager.
The employee is expected to exercise some degree of independence and judgment in solving problems and carrying out the assigned work.

2. Assistance Provided
Supervision received is nominal, consultative and limited. The employee is expected to use initiative and sound judgment in carrying out assignments, meeting goals and objectives, solving problems, and maintaining an awareness of agency requirements.

B. Review of Work
The Director reviews issues that are exceptional, such as when a proposed action will involve establishing a new precedent, policy or direction, and when unforeseen events or circumstances may require significant changes. Under the direction of the Director, the employee has authority to make non-fiscal commitments, limited only by current statutes, administrative and departmental policies.

C. Nature of Available Guidelines Controlling the Work
Policy and Procedural Guidelines Available
The employee is expected to carry out fiscal and financial assignments through written guidelines, including the State of Hawaii Accounting Manual and Statewide Accounting System Procedures, as well as a broad range of legal standards and requirements, and State and federal government laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and objectives.

A valid State of Hawaii driver’s license.

• Bachelor’s degree in business or technology field or equivalent work experience
• 3-5 years of experience developing technology-driven operations processes
• Ability to problem-solve, adapt, and thrive in a fast-paced environment that requires managing multiple changing priorities and projects while driving toward deadlines
• Collaborative and service-oriented mindset in addressing the needs of cross-functional teams
• Commitment to delivering high-quality work products and attention to detail
• Strong learning orientation, i.e. the ability and willingness to learn and grow from mistakes
• Excellent computer skills, including broad experience with database, presentation, graphics design, web content management, and other software
• Ability to effectively communicate (verbal and written) and collaborate with a diverse range of people and job functions
• Ability to work independently and effectively with minimum amount of supervision
• Excellent organizational skills for handling a variety of details and setting administrative and production priorities
• Awareness of and curiosity about Hawaii’s clean energy climate issues and policy objectives
• Ability to work on occasion in settings with R&D technology and equipment, in proximity with compressed gas, electrical, and mechanical equipment or components
• Familiarity with Code of Federal Regulations Title 2 and Title 31 pertaining to grant awards

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