INNOVATE Hawaii awarded CARES Act funding

By Len Higashi July 28, 2020

The Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) Innovate Hawaii program has been awarded $132,000 from the NIST MEP National Emergency Assistance Program (NEAP) to assist manufacturers to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID 19 pandemic under the CARES Act RFA Emergency Program.

HTDC Innovate Hawaii will support Hawaii-based US small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs), including rural manufacturers, to prevent, prepare and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These funds will  be used to provide services that directly support Hawaii manufacturers’ ability to respond to the coronavirus through, for example, accelerated  business recovery, direct technical assistance, and services that support manufacturers’ ability to improve their competitiveness as the marketplace adapts to the coronavirus disruption.  Innovate Hawaii is coordinating its activities with the State’s economic recovery plan as well as working with its partners on these response efforts including the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, Hawaii Food Manufacturers Association, and the State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism to help rebuild the state’s economy, restore consumer confidence, and revitalize the local manufacturing industry.  The objective is to provide support and information to help minimize manufacturers going out of business.  Activities will include:
•       Conduct needs assessment of SME in current business conditions
•       Workforce
•       Finances
•       Lost revenue
•       Supply chain
•       Analyze upstream and downstream impacts to other related businesses
•       Create sales and marketing recovery plan
•       Generate public awareness to support locally made products
•       Assist manufacturers to resume operations after statewide stay-at- home orders are lifted
•       Provide consulting services and training based on needs assessment to assist manufacturers resume production.
•       Provide business and financial consulting and training post COVID-19
•       conduct supplier scouting and matching activities with its clients as necessary and will engage in multi-Center engagements should the need arise.

Innovate Hawaii aims to contact a minimum of 600 manufacturers throughout Hawaii, or approximately 80% of the manufacturers in the state.