Funding to Help Hawaii Businesses

HTDC provides a variety of funding programs to support research & development, manufacturing growth and technology community activities. Funding supports company growth which stimulates a robust technology and innovation economy. The application process for our programs is simple and most programs accept applications on an ongoing basis.


Technology intensive companies such as businesses conducting research & development or manufacturing must be able to compete in today’s global markets. The State of Hawaii supports these important industries that are creating high wage jobs by providing grant funding to support their efforts.

Hawaii Small Business Innovation Research Program

HSBIR provides matching grants to help companies further the development of new products to solve critical issues. Applicants must have received federal SBIR grants or contracts to qualify for the state matching grant program. The HSBIR programs provides up to 50% match for companies receiving SBIR awards. Companies may apply also for reimbursement for grant writing costs for their initial grant application.


In 1988, HTDC began providing matching grant funds to Hawaii companies who received Federal Small Business Innovation Research Grants (SBIR). These companies are recognized for advancing technology to solve critical challenges for the nation. The Hawaii SBIR matching grant program is the longest state funded SBIR matching program in the United States.  Initially the grant program only funded companies that received Phase I grants. In 2016, the program was expanded to help companies who are moving their advanced technology products from research into the market. Hawaii’s SBIR Phase II and Phase III winners are creating the best technology solutions in the nation.

HSBIR Metrics since inception

Federal phase 1 funding

$51 MM

Federal phase 1 funding

HSBIR phase 1 matching grants

$8.6 MM

HSBIR phase 1 matching grants

Federal phase 2/3 funding

$124 MM

Federal phase 2/3 funding

HSBIR phase 2/3 match

$3.9 MM

HSBIR phase 2/3 match

HSBIR Application Process

Applications Closed

The Hawaii SBIR Phase II and III matching grant will not be funded this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on us all, and much of the state funding has been reallocated to address crisis recovery and resilience. We will be going back to the state legislators next year to request continuation and funding for this grant program.

Applications for the Hawaii SBIR Matching grant for Phase 0 and I will open when we receive confirmation on the available amount for these awards. If you would like to be added to the HSBIR mailing list, please email us at

Guidelines based on the Hawaii Administrative Rules

* First time applicants will be given priority.
* Previously awarded companies who did not complete the HTDC Annual Impact Survey will not be considered for funding. Upon successful completion of the next Annual Impact Survey (next survey release is TBD), company will then be eligible to apply for funding.

Administrative Rules

To view the HSBIR Program Administrative Rules, please click here pdf

Manufacturing Assistance Grant Program

The Hawaii manufacturing industry, albeit small, is important to our economy.  These companies make the Made In Hawaii brand a global commodity.   Hawaii food products, clothing, and other products are sought throughout the world.  Our manufacturers need assistance in controlling costs, making sure employees are well trained, and securing the latest technology to grow their business.


HTDC’s Manufacturing Assistance Program Grant (MAP) offers Hawaii-based manufacturers up to a 20% reimbursement (up to $100,000) on qualified expenses to help Hawaii manufacturers become globally competitive.  Qualifying expenses include: equipment purchases, training, energy efficiency projects, and manufacturing feasibility studies.


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, crucial changes needed to be made to the State budget and it has been decided that the MAP Grant could not be funded this year.  Please email to be added to the mailing list to receive program updates and information on resources and funding opportunities for manufacturers.  Thank you for your continuous support!

FY20 Stats




Companies funded




Company match


The FY21 MAP Grant will not be funded this year.

For all questions regarding this grant program and to be added to the mailing list, email

Administrative Rules

To view the MAP Grant Program Administrative Rules, please click here pdf


“The MAP grant has helped us to purchase equipment for better efficiency and expanded production. These capital improvements will enable us to increase annual sales by $900,000, add eight new employees, and attract over $1,500,000 in additional investments.”



Sponsoring Innovation

HTDC promotes Hawaii’s innovation and technology community with sponsorships of events throughout the year. HTDC is open to sponsoring events that support its mission. Examples of sponsored events include industry conferences, investor pitch competitions, entrepreneur/technology showcases, startup events, venture capital workshops, and tech and innovation community networking events. Organizations must be HCE compliant.


Hawaii is fast becoming a vibrant innovation and startup hub.  There are new organizations providing programs and events that encourage collaboration and new company formation.  These organizations are critical in the growth of Hawaii’s tech and innovation economy.  HTDC provides funding to support their activities to achieve its 80/80 Initiative.


Sponsorship Application Process

Step 1

Read the required RFP first, then apply online. Applications should be submitted well in advance of the event.

Step 2

A committee will review application to determine if the event meets HTDC’s mission