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The INNOVATE Hawaii (HTDC) E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Assistance Program was supported by the Hawaii Business Pivot Grant in December 2020. It was a combination of webinars, workshops and 1-1 consulting sessions designed to raise e-commerce and digital marketing capabilities for Hawaii’s businesses.

The program was intended to:

  • assist businesses in taking their first steps into e-commerce or digital marketing
  • impart e-commerce and digital marketing best practices
  • provide a network of e-commerce and digital marketing resources for businesses


1-1 Consulting Sessions

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Webinars & Workshops

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E-Commerce for First-Timers BannerStarting Out: E-Commerce for First-Timers

This webinar is best suited for solopreneurs and companies who are thinking of venturing into e-commerce but have no idea where to start. In this session, Brandon Hughes of Hoku Marketing presented a live demonstration of how an e-commerce website is set up using the Shopify platform. He also shared best practices to be undertaken when creating an online store.

ECommerce Fundamentals UXUI BannerE-Commerce Fundamentals: UX/UI

UX/UI - which stands for "User Experience and User Interface" is a critical component of good e-commerce websites. Akemi Hiatt of Hidden Gears guides you through UX/UI best practices so that you can ensure that your e-commerce website meets the demands of the modern day consumer. This workshop is suitable for both newcomers to e-commerce and businesses who are looking to enhance their online stores.

ECommerce Email Marketing BannerDigital Marketing Fundamentals: Email Marketing

In this webinar, Brandon Hughes, Founder of Hoku Marketing will be sharing his expertise in email marketing. This webinar will cover strategies, best practices and analytics around the use of email campaigns for customer engagement and online sales conversion. Brandon will be leveraging the use of the Constant Contact platform but information shared will be applicable across other email platforms.

ECommerce SEO BannerDigital Marketing Fundamentals: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, known also as SEO, is often perceived as the most illusive and intimidating component of e-commerce and digital marketing. Let Neal Kido, Founder of AkamaiSEO demystify SEO and show how you can leverage it to boost your online store presence in Google.

Banner featuring Melinda Mullis of OrangeROC for e-commerce webinarDigital Marketing Fundamentals: Content Marketing

Content is the future of modern marketing - it is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. In this webinar, Melinda Mullis, founder of OrangeROC shared content marketing strategies that they have created for clients.

ECommerce Fundamentals BannerE-Commerce Fundamentals

Working on your e-commerce platform? Join Brian Dote, Founder of Tapiki who will guide you through critical areas that would make or break your online store. This webinar is best suited for businesses who already have an e-commerce presence but newcomers to selling digitally are also welcome.

ECommerce Fundamentals Search Advertising BannerDigital Marketing Fundamentals: Search Advertising

Interested to learn how to properly deploy your Google ads to achieve higher web traffic and sales conversions? Join Neal Kido, Founder of AkamaiSEO who will guide you through strategies and best practices of search advertising.

Eventbrite banner featuring Shane Makanui-Lopes from Homegrown Media HIDigital Marketing Fundamentals: Building An Online Brand Identity

Join Shane Makanui-Lopes, Founder of Homegrown Media HI to learn why a company's online identity is important and best practices to establish it for the benefit of your brand. This workshop will be helpful to all businesses, but especially new companies and startups.

ECommerce Fundamentals Analytics BannerE-Commerce Fundamentals: Analytics

Join Paolo Vidali, Founder of Hidden Gears and data analytics expert to learn how you should leverage Google Analytics to optimize and improve your e-commerce platform. This workshop is most suited for businesses who have Google Analytics installed but would like to enhance their knowledge in this domain. Newcomers to e-commerce are welcome as well.

Visual of PR Strategy Webinar by Mana MeansDigital Marketing Fundamentals: PR Strategy

Join presenters, Janet Scheffer and Laura Wigod of Mana Means Communications who will share about the importance of PR/Earned media and learn how to develop winning PR strategies to generate valuable earned media for your organization. Strategies include: how to work with the media, creating press releases, media advisories, calendaring and an online press kit, tracking press coverage, developing solid media lists, the importance of compelling content.

Social media marketing webinar by AStrategy MarketingDigital Marketing Fundamentals: Social Media Marketing

How can you leverage social media to build your e-commerce business? In this webinar, Alison Koyanagi, Owner of Astrategy Marketing will share social media best practices and strategies for brand-building and customer engagement to boost online sales.