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HTDC Innovate Hawaii has partnered with Tooling U-SME, an online training provider, to off-set the cost of bringing high-quality, customized training to manufacturers. More than 500 unique online classes provide a broad offering of manufacturing training topics. Plus, every online class has been reviewed and validated by industry experts. 


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Are you new to manufacturing or looking for a program to help onboard new employees?

Check out Tooling U’s new Certified Manufacturing Associate program! The SME Certified Manufacturing Associate (CMfgA) credential demonstrates that an individual has foundational manufacturing knowledge. This 25-class online training program prepares individuals for high-demand, entry-level careers in manufacturing in a short period of time.

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Flexible and Convenient: Online classes are self-paced, typically taking 60 minutes to complete. They are easily and conveniently accessible on desktops and laptops, and on tablets and phones with the Tooling U-SME app. 


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For more information, please email or call 808-539-3794