Smart Talent Program

Are you looking to lower operating costs and drive growth in your business?
Do you need to capture vital tribal knowledge and apply it to a structured OJT program?
Are you struggling with hiring, onboarding or retaining employees?

Smart Talent’s a la carte system allows companies to either focus on specific pain points or
build a comprehensive workforce solutions system depending on need.


Smart Talent builds systems to attract talent, engage employees, and enhance training & development capabilities to address the workforce challenges of our industry.

Smart Talent A La Carte Services
Hiring & Onboarding: Take a marketing approach to attracting talent to your company. Successfully integrate new employees into your culture.

Structured OJT: A methodology used to develop standard work in order to improve the efficiency of training and capture tribal knowledge.

Provide Defined Development Paths:
 A method used to organize your training content so that it can be developed and delivered to your staff in the sequence they need it

Measuring Employee Mastery:
 Determine when your employees have mastered new skills. Measure their effectiveness in applying this skills and providing greater contribution to your company

Design a Compensation Strategy:
 Reward your employees for developing new skills and gaining new knowledge while applying them on the job.

Implementing/Communicating the Change:
 Use a change management model to implement and communicate your workforce development program successfully.

Manufacturers can manage their workforce in a way that brings and retains high-quality, motivated talent, reduces overall training costs and delivers a long-term return on investment. Smart Talent results in strong business impacts.

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