Being a virtual tenant has significantly helped keep our overhead expenses to a minimum. Use of the facilities has also been a great benefit to our company. Access to HTDC companies has also enhanced our program offerings (education outreach services). (Lynn Fujioka, HI FusionED)


Being a virtual tenant with access to all of HTDC’s amenities at the Manoa Innovation Center has given my business the necessary legitimacy needed to be able to break into existing markets, thereby helping me grow my business. ~Mark Tawara, Bright Light Digital


The MIC is a great place to build a company because of the cross-pollination of ideas from other tenants and the support of the HTDC staff. In addition, it is impossible to lease non-cockaroach office space as a brand new company in Hawaii…no cockaroaches yet at MIC! Mike Hernandez-Soria, Hawaiian Cool Water


OmniGreen Renewables LLC has worked through HTDC with several different projects, including a 2008 SBIR Phase I grant award, which lead to a 2011 Phase II award ($460,000). Each time, we have approached HTDC for assistance, we have successfully accomplished our objectives; towards the commercialization of the technology been developed. Presently, we are in the pursuit of commercializing 2 patented technology assets.


HTDC funds have allowed our company to conduct important technology demonstrations. stimulating interest from sponsors and resulting in follow-on R&D contracts. Ed Knobbe, Spectrum Photonics, MIC tenant


The MAP grant we received from HTDC greatly assisted us in reducing our acquisition cost of new printing equipment enabling us to keep pace with technological changes in the commercial printing industry and remain relevant in the local market. Ed Chung – Hagadone Printing Co, Inc.


My name is Marisa Maen and I am the co-owner of Dyezigns LLC. HTDC benefited my company growth greatly. We were finally able to purchase the materials that we needed, in bulk to run a successful business.