Women in Tech

The Women in Tech webinar series is an effort to encourage women to explore technology and technology-adjacent careers. By highlighting the different roles women technologists are fulfilling in their organizations, and the paths they took, we hope that the stories shared will provide guidance and inspiration to embark on a technology-based career. We also envision building a more robust community of women technologists here in Hawaii.



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An interview with Deena Tearney, CEO and Co-Founder of Pacific Point Inc., Hawaii's only Salesforce-certified consulting companyDEENA TEARNEY, CEO & CO-FOUNDER, PACIFIC POINT INC.

As one of Hawaii's leading tech entrepreneurs, Deena founded Pacific Point Inc., the state's only Salesforce-certified consulting company and has grown its presence in 4 cities globally. Prior to entrepreneurship, she served as an IT consultant for the Hawaii state judiciary and Hawaiian Airlines. And before coming to Hawaii, Deena worked for large corporations such as IBM Global Services, Capgemini, Ernst & Young, CompUSA and Sprint. She is a strong advocate of STEM and is passionate about encouraging youths to pursue careers in technology.

"Experience - knowing how to do something, applying yourself and really demonstrating that you have that skill, is the No. 1 thing..." - on developing actual skills for a job.

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Hong Phan, Co-President of Datahouse, Hawaii's largest IT Consulting CompanyHONG PHAN, CO-PRESIDENT, DATAHOUSE

As a first-generation immigrant with no college degree or a background in technology, Hong started her career in data entry and transformed herself into a systems architecture expert through sheer determination, a love for problem solving and experimentation and hard work. Today, she serves as Co-President for Datahouse, Hawaii's largest IT consulting company - overseeing projects and spearheading the growth of the company in Vietnam.

"Everything we do should have a purpose - every career and the career choice we make should be tied to a purpose."

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Interview with Jamie Frady, UX/UI Lead Designer, Central Pacific BankJAMIE FRADY, UX/UI LEAD DESIGNER, CENTRAL PACIFIC BANK

Leveraging her knowledge acquired from working for large companies such as Microsoft and Avalara in Seattle, Jamie is now part of a core team leading the transformation of Central Pacific Bank's digital customer experience. She is also proficient in JavaScript, having graduated from a developer bootcamp. Jamie actively contributes to the growth of the UX/UI community in Hawaii as the Digital Director of the AIGA Honolulu Chapter.

"Truth in yourself, truth in your work, truth in your team - being real is the most important thing."

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After completing her graduate studies, Cybele broke up with her old plans to work as a policy analyst and embarked on a soul-searching journey to find her "career fit" (read her essay here). Through this experience and her strategic use of LinkedIn, she is now a Customer Experience Team Lead at New-York based fintech company, Betterment. Prior, Cybele has guided and helped build-up diverse communities within organizations like Lyft, the International Rescue Committee, and Komeeda.

"People respond well when you are authentic, when you are just telling your story and sharing your experience."

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Picture for Women in Tech webinar series featuring Michelle Cheung, Director of the TRUE InitiativeMICHELLE CHEUNG, DIRECTOR, TRUE INITIATIVE

With decades of technology strategy and implementation expertise in the financial and real estate industries, Michelle served in leadership positions with Locations in Hawaii, as well as Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and Citibank in New York. Currently, she is the Director of the TRUE Initiative, a private-public partnership focused on driving technology adoption and knowledge-sharing in Hawaii to create higher-wage job opportunities.

"Everywhere you go, every person you meet, you should have a positive impact and leave it better than it was before."

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With an extensive background in analysis and modeling, Colleen uses the skills she developed in academia to lead a team of data scientists for First Hawaiian Bank as the manager of the Data & Analytics Department for the state's oldest and largest bank. Prior to moving here almost 3 years ago, she won a graduate student research fellowship through NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to study Mars' paleomagnetic fields, and a post-doctoral research position as part of NASA's GRAIL mission to study the gravity signature of impact crater formation on the Moon.

"Rejection and failure are a part of life for everyone; I have been rejected so many times, but I don’t consider them to be failures because I learned from them and didn’t let them stop me from achieving my goals. I definitely cried after some of them but I never gave up."

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A true local girl who graduated with a degree in computer science from Hawaii Pacific University, Adrienne Chee worked her way up in corporate Hawaii as a female technologist, starting in data processing to spearheading complex technology projects and strategic implementations for Central Pacific Bank today. She is an advocate of innovation and transformation, leading some of the bank's critical IT projects such as a call center built on AI to a collaboration platform to introduce “new ways of working”. (To learn more about how Central Pacific Bank implemented AI for call centers, visit this link)

"Don't beat yourself up...My biggest thing was self-criticism. That was my challenge throughout my entire journey so self-compassion is something that resonates with me. Learn to obsess about good things and accomplishments as opposed to beating yourself up over things you thought you could do better. Be thankful for you."

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Julie Yamamoto is General Operations Manager at Hui Car Share, Servco Pacific's car share program, and one of Hawaii Business Magazine's 20 for the Next 20. She is a Hawaii Baptist Academy and UH Mānoa graduate who started her career in the male-dominated industry of motorcycle sales with Cycle City, eventually rising to become the General Sales Manager. Julie took the plunge in 2017 to join Hui, which was then a startup, and spearheaded its growth to become Hawaii's largest car share company through a partnership between Servco Pacific and Toyota. Her efforts also made Hawaii the first location for the car-sharing service in Toyota's global deployment plan.

"If it wasn't for every single person in the Hui team, and the whole of Servco, we won't be as successful as we are right now. It is about everyone being helpful and working together as a team, that's the only way to be successful."

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Women in Tech banner featuring Simone Smith of Amazon Web ServicesSIMONE SMITH, MANAGER, GLOBAL CAMPAIGN ACTIVATION, AMAZON WEB SERVICES

Simone has spent the last year and a half working at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and currently leads the Campaign Activation team, helping to adapt and execute AWS product & solution campaigns across the world. She has previous experience with Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Strategy and worked at several early and late stage B2B technology startups in Portland, OR. She is a staunch advocate for diversity & inclusion workplace initiatives and in her free time enjoys hiking with her dog, Lola.

"Being a woman of color, to be be resilient and believe in yourself, to have confidence that you can progress in your career - I would say grit really encompasses all of that."

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Women in Tech Banner featuring Ellen Ng of Hawaii Technology Development CorporationELLEN NG, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST, HAWAII TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION

Looking to help small-medium tech companies grow beyond Hawaii while equipping local-based companies with technology best practices led Ellen to join HTDC as its Economic Development Specialist. Prior to joining HTDC, Ellen served as a B2B Business Development Associate for LG Mobile. In that role, she worked in Silicon Valley alongside rising startups like Box and DocuSign, and she witnessed their growth from infancy to the large entities they are today. Ellen also served as the Head of Growth for startups in the Singapore-based accelerator, The Co-Foundry (now known as TNB Ventures).

"The root word for "courage" in latin is "from the heart". To me, courage is understanding what you want, your passions, desires and interests, and it is a big part of all the leaps I have taken in my career journey so far."

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