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Hydrogen fuel cell U-30 aircraft tow tractor

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell U-30 Aircraft Tow Tractor is a first-of-a-kind demonstration on a large US Air Force aircraft U-30 tow tractor utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology. The C-17 Tow Tractor can be used in a variety of military and airport ground support (Boeing 747) applications. It is currently being deployed at US Air Force Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. This project is a proof of concept demonstration to validate hydrogen fuel vehicle technologies in supporting Air Force mission requirements.

Hydrogen fuel cell U-30 aircraft tow tractor towing a plane.

Technical Specs

Fuel Cell Plug-in Tow Tractor Powertrain System Block Diagram.

Overall Vehicle Specifications

Gross Vehicle Weight100,00 lbs
Max Drawbar Pull72,000 lbs
OEM Manufacturer & ModelTUG Technologies Model U30

Vehicle Performance Specifications

Range from H2 and Battery12 hours
Forward/Reverse Max Speed15/4MPH max
Turning Radius260” Outside Diameter, Coordinated Steering
Steering3-Modes Steering (Coordinated, Track, Carb)
Ground Clearance10”
Max Grade7” Approach, 12” Breakover, 17” Departure
Overall DimensionsL=258”, Width=110”, Height=68”
Wheel Base124”

Fuel Cell System Specifications

Fuel Cell30kW
Fuel Cell TechnologyPEM
Fuel Cell Voltage, Current, and Power60V-120V, 500A, 30kW

Hydrogen Storage System Specifications

Storage Capacity10kg of H2 (2 x 5kg tanks)
Max Pressure – Min Pressure350 BAR/5076 PSI – 13.8 BAR/200 PSI

Energy Storage Specifications

Battery Cells TypeLi-Ion
Battery Voltage390V Nominal
Battery Max Power240kW
Battery Energy22kWhr
Battery ManagementIntegrated BMS

Direct Electric Traction Drive System Specifications

Traction Motor TypeAC Induction
Electro-hydraulic PumpAC Induction, Integrated
Traction Drive Power240kW
Hydraulic Drive PowerIntegrated Electro-hydraulic PTO
Traction InverterIGBT, Digital Vector Drive
Charger InterfaceSAE 1772 – Level II
Charger – On-board6.6kW

Overall Vehicle Specifications

Auxiliary Systems Specifications
DC/DC Converter13.8V, 200A
TelematicsiDrive; Wi-Fi & Cell
Driver DisplayAnalog Gauges
Information Center DisplayDigital with Fault Code Display