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HI-CAP Invest

HI-CAP Invest banner showing Honolulu city skyline

About the Program

HI-CAP Invest is an offering administered by HTDC that is extended to venture capital (VC) funds and investors with ambitions to contribute to Hawaiʻi’s startup and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Before proceeding, interested organizations should first verify they meet eligibility requirements:

  • The fund must have on-the-ground presence in Hawaiʻi.
  • The fund will invest an amount equal to HTDC’s capital in Hawaiʻi businesses.
  • Private capital is pari passu with, or junior to, the SSBCI investment in cash flow rights.
  • The fund is not excluded from receiving Federal contracts, certain subcontracts and certain Federal financial and nonfinancial assistance and benefits.
  • The fund will make available to the Treasury Inspector General all books and records related to the use of funds.
  • A minimum of 1:1 matching capital to HTDC’s investment will be raised.
  • Fund managers are in good standing with the law, as confirmed by up-to-date certifications, background check, references, and/or any other means deemed appropriate.
  • Funds that are aligned with HTDC and DBEDT priorities, which includes but is not limited to: digital manufacturing, defense, energy, creative, ocean economy, and exports OR
  • Funds that are aligned with opportunities identified by our socially economically disadvantaged individual (SEDI) facing partners, which includes but is not limited to: social impact, sustainability, food security, agriculture, climate change and land conservation.

How to Apply

Note: Information submitted may be subject to Uniform Information Practices Act. If any confidential information is uploaded, please make sure to mark confidential. Also see our notice regarding conflict of interest and SSBCI insiders.

  • Step 1:  E-Sign the Technical Proposal Qualifier (TPQ) form
  • See sample form (PDF) for reference before you begin.
  • The TPQ has to be signed by the general partner (GP) of the firm.
  • Upon completion of the eSign, you will receive a copy of the TPQ via email.
  • Download a copy of the TPQ sent to you and upload it in Step 2 with the RFI application.
  • Step 2:  Complete Request for Information (RFI) application form
  • See sample form (PDF) for reference before you begin.
  • Before starting on step 2, make sure the TPQ application form in step 1 is completed.

Still Have Questions?

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