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MJ-1E fighter weapons loader

The MJ-1E Fighter Weapons Loader is a fuel cell powered MJ-1E Fighter Weapons Loader demonstrated by the US Air Force Research Laboratory. The system is powered with a 4kW fuel cell with 2 kg of hydrogen storage tank.

Personnel using MJ-1E Fighter Weapons Loader
Demonstration underway to Miranda Ballentine, former Assistant Secretary of the US Air Force, with responsibility in the oversight, formulation, review and execution of plans, policies, programs and budgets for installations, energy, environment, safety and occupational health.

Technical Specs

4 kW fuel cell and balance of plant components 350 BAR (5075 PSI) 2 kg H2 Storage Tank.

Overall Vehicle Specifications

Tare Weight3,950 lbs
Lift Capacity On Table3,000 lbs
Lift Capacity On Fork2,250 lbs
OEM Manufacturer & ModelHydraulic International MJ-1E

Vehicle Performance Specifications

Range from H2 and Battery16 hours
Forward Speed8 MPH
Reverse Speed3 MPH
Turning Radius15 ft.
Ground Clearance4.5 in.
Max Grade10 deg, loaded, 20 deg, unloaded
Hydraulic FluidMIL-H-83232 (6-gal capacity)

Fuel Cell System Specifications

Fuel Cell Supplier and ModelHydrogenics HD4
Fuel Cell TechnologyPEM
Fuel Cell Voltage, Current and Power20Vdc-40 Vdc, 200A, (4kW)

Hydrogen Storage System Specifications

Storage Capacity2 kG of H2
Max Pressure – Min Pressure350 BAR/5076 PSI – 13.8 BAR/200 PSI

Energy Storage Specifications

Battery Cells TypeLi-Ion
Battery Voltage240V Nominal
Battery Power20 kW
Battery Energy10kWh
Battery ManagementIntegrated BMS

Direct Electric Traction Drive System Specifications

Traction Motor TypeAC Induction
Electro-hydraulic PumpAC Induction
Traction Drive Power10 kW
Hydraulic Drive Power10 kW
Traction InverterIGBT, Vector Drive
Hydraulic InverterIGBT, Vector Drive
Charger – On-board3.3 kW

Auxiliary Systems Specifications

DC/DC Converter13.8 V, 40 A
TelematicsiDrive, Wi-Fi & Cell
Driver DisplayAnalog Gauges
Information Center DisplayDigital