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Dr. BJ Fogg Free Office Hours Opportunity–Ask him questions about behavior design

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Dr. BJ Fogg Free Office Hours Opportunity--Ask him questions about behavior design
This is a rare opportunity for the Hawaii business community to ask Dr. BJ Fogg questions about behavior design and how to integrate behavior models into your products/services.
Participate in a FREE 1-hour office hours session with BJ via an online Zoom link on Friday, Jan 11 at 2 pm Hawaii time. Limited seats are available.
Dr. BJ Fogg is a renown Stanford Professor and Behavior Scientist who founded the Behavior Design Lab (formerly known as the Persuasive Technology Lab).  Mike Krieger,  one of Instagram's co-founders, was one of his students at Stanford.
Although he is well known in Silicon Valley for helping innovators and entrepreneurs learn his groundbreaking work in behavior design, not many know about him in the local Hawaii market.
To introduce his work in behavior design to Hawaii's  entrepreneurs, innovators, and the local business community, BJ is offering a FREE office hours session on Zoom on Friday, January 11 at 2 pm.
Click here to register:
When you register you can ask about a product/service design problem specific to your business and BJ will discuss how you can use behavior design models as an approach to create great products/services for your customers.
Learn More
BJ was recently interviewed on Bytemarks Café about his work and mission to teach innovators about his models and methods in Behavior Design to create products that help people be healthier and happier. You can listen to his interview at:
BJ lives 4-6 months out of the year in Maui so we have the unique opportunity to learn about his work in behavior science and its application for the technology and innovation economy community in Hawaii.
To participate in this opportunity, please click on the link below to register for the office hours session. You will need a computer, internet connection, and be able to download the Zoom video conferencing application to connect.
Register here:
Learn more about BJ and his work in Behavior Design:
Learn more about his behavior model for product/service design:
Please contact Ruby Menon at if you have any questions.
What Others Have To Say
"After learning how to apply the Fogg Behavior Model, my team has been able to conceive and deliver experiences to our customers that have improved the financial health of millions.  In turn, many of us have seen significant positive change in our lives both in the office and at home."  -- Stephen Holloway, Director of Innovation, Enterprise Financial Advice, USAA


Friday, Jan 11, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM